Before Blogs

This question came up as me & my roommate were having a conversation about being bored at work: What the hell did people do before blogs?  I guess people just played minesweeper and snood all day.  Surely we are all so much more enriched in this day & age because we don’t have to resort to playing solitaire over & over again.  Right? 

I’m not sure if it’s because I started working at office jobs right as blogs were becoming a “thing,” but I really can’t seem to remember a time that I didn’t read some sort of blog– whether it be The San Diego Union Tribune, The New York Times, or Go Fug Yourself.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing that I can’t remember?  All I know is that when there are period piece movies being made about 1994, something just isn’t right.  I heard that VH1 is having some new “I Love the..” series about the Millenium.  WTF?  How can you really be that nostalgic about like, 5 minutes ago?

Should we as a culture be concerned that we may all be suffering from some sort of collective amnesia?  Or not amnesia, but like, at what point did it become normal for me to think to myself: “Wow, I really need to update my facebook pictures, they are sooooo 2 weeks ago” ?


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