Kitchenette: A Review

After picking up my 4th of July Sonic Youth tickets over in the World FInancial Center Plaza, my roommate & I decided to eat dinner at Kitchenette (for some reason, their address is incorrect everywhere, it’s actually on Chambers St.) in Tribeca.

The vibe of this place is sort of a kitchy home cooking/southern food type of thing.  Basically, the decor/ambiance is what the now-defunct Union Picnic should’ve been (now replaced by Jimmy’s Diner…take my word for it, seriously, don’t even think about going there.  I know a guy that works there as a chef, and I wouldn’t even let the guy in my house, honestly).

Anyway, we had these chicken/corn cakes with chipotle BBQ sauce that were AMAZING.  The free bread they give out beforehand is also fantastic, BTW.  My roommate had the special soup– some melon yogurt thing that I didn’t try, and a side of mac & cheese.  I have to say, it’s no “Dumac and Cheese”, but it was pretty damn good all the same.  Much better, anyway, than my chickpea burger.  I found it bland & boring.  It came with garlic fries, which were ok I guess.

But, the best part is that you can have a kid birthday party there (I don’t know if there is an age limit technically, because believe me, if they didn’t limit the hours to “afterschool” weekdays between 3 & 6, I would be all over that shit), with cookie & cupcake decoration to your heart’s content.  It reminded me of the time I was going to have my birthday at Color Me Mine— you know, one of those places for kids where you get to paint pottery.  Sadly, that never happened.  I really don’t get why people don’t care for that sort of thing as much as me.  Same with tea parties– what ISN’Tthere to like about pink lemonade, cute tea sets, petit fours, and being dainty?  I swear before the summer is over, I will have some form of a tea party.

Anywho, back on track, long story short, Kitchenette is a’ight, if you’re in the area.  But in terms of straight up good Southern food, Old Devil Moon is where it’s at.


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