Ladytron at Terminal 5

I saw Ladytron last night at Terminal 5.  It was the first time I had been to this venue.  And though, admittedly, my shoes were totally killing me & those 2 margaritas I had had earlier were making me sleepy, I can honestly say that this venue pretty much sucks balls. 

A Swedish band called Data Rock opened, and while I appreciated the matching tracksuits & enthusiasm, I honestly couldn’t tell whether or not they were shitty because the sound in there is so bad. 

And since I actually know what Ladytron sounds like, I came to the conclusion that, yes, the sound in Terminal 5 fucking unbelievably terrible.  However, they did have a rather entertaining light display, and their performance wasn’t too badly damaged overall.  It was sort of surreal to hear “Seventeen,” though, because, and this is really embarrassing to admit, that song was the first I’d ever heard by Ladytron.  The really embarrassing part is that it was because I owned the soundtrack to Party Monster– a period of time when I was still living in Southern California when all I could think about was how much I wanted to live in New York and totally glorified it to ridiculously excessive degrees.  So, I guess listening to this song performed live now, especially with Debbie Harry in the audience, was kind of like a weird dream.  One of those things that you don’t really expect to happen because it lives in such a sort of fantasy world, and then when it kind of does happen, you’re like, where did all time go?  I devoted so much energy to wanting to move & live in New York, and though, by no means do I consider myself a “success” or a person who has “made it,” to borrow the old Frank Sinatra cliche, it kind of weirdly clicked somehow last night that this is actually my life.


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