Brush It Good

Yes, it’s another concert review post. 

Last night at McCarren Pool I saw Dan Deacon, The Tom Tom Club, and Devo.  Because this was clearly an 80s band night, I was fortunate enough to bear witness the following:

1. What appeared to be an HR director gone wild– smoking pot, flailing arms, the whole 9.  She was also wearing parachute pants, and had clearly gone straight from work to the show.

2. You know those sort of novelty pictures you see of Santa Claus on vacation in Mexico, or somewhere tropical, like wearing like sunglasses & bermuda shorts?  Yeah, apparently groovy vacation Santa Claus likes Devo.

3. Some strange sickly looking stick-thin man who seemed to have drawn his wardrobe and hair inspiration from Hitler. 

4. Some lady dancing in that 1920’s style where you like wiggle your knees around.  You know which dance I’m talking about.  Momdance city, dude.  “Mom’s drunk!”

5. The 8 millionth time, a world record shatteringly tall man stands directly in front of me at a concert.  Where do these giants come from??

6.  With Momdance lady, some weird buzzcut meathead old guy that looks like he could be the chief of police at the Las Vegas Drug Convention in Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas.

7.  Some guy that I randomly slept with this past winter.

8.  A friend of a friend wearing strange red jeans that somehow reminded me of mickey mouse.

9.  And this is actually awesome– I got a Devo toothbrush that plays “Whip It” as you brush your teeth. It’s actually a slightly different version called “Brush It,” and it’s timed for exactly 2 minutes, so you know when to stop brushing your teeth.  AWESOME!!




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2 responses to “Brush It Good

  1. stellaglass

    ah, Momdance…I know ye all too well.

  2. cocobuchanan

    You know what’s sad is that the auto generated related post we have is in regards to the View and Chippendales. What could be more Momdance than that?

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