Pride of My People

Lots of people–myself included–have bemoaned the dismantling of Hip Hop at the hands of white consumerism. Most of us saw that trend start in the mid to late 90’s, when the mainstream media co-opted the movement to sell gum, sneakers and to give politicians a way to connect with their black constituents.

It’s offensive, sure, and further evidence of Caucasian people’s inability to create an authentic cultural moment that doesn’t involve the words “achy” and “breaky”.

However there are some things that even this cynical self-hating, bourgeois-guilt ridden Caucasian can’t find fault with. If we have killed hip-hop, if white America is responsible for the watered down drivel and flagrant consumerism that has turned the most innovative artistic movement since jazz into nothing more than a few catch phrases and a diamond-encrusted mouthpiece, it may all have been worth it for THIS:



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3 responses to “Pride of My People

  1. cocobuchanan

    You know what is CRAZY about this??? My friend Liz’s (who, incedentally is herself sort of becoming well known for her badn Love Grenades: uncle wrote all the music for this….including THIS amazingness. AND she recorded the “I Like Boys” song (the part where they’re in the locker room) when she was like 5 or whatever. When she was visiting here a couple of years back, she invited me to the midnight screening of Teen Witch at the Sunshine & I got to meet her uncle, etc. And I have to say that he is just as awesome as you’d think.

  2. boomer_peterson

    Something about this reminds me of the time in 5th grade that our 800 year old school librarian taught us the Dewey decimal system through rap . . .

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