Deep Sea Gigantism

I saw Cloverfield a couple of days ago for the first time.  I don’t know why I just didn’t get around to seeing it like 5 million months ago, but whatever.  So, i saw it on the same day it started totally pouring all the fuck over New York– lightning, thunder, the whole 9.  For whatever reason, I got all freaked out about monsters.  And although wikipedia says that it’s not possible for giant sea creatures to terrorize us outside of the sea, I’m pretty convinced that if there WAS a giant sea creature terrorizing us, it’s for sure coming from the deep sea.

Let me introduce to you a little term called deep-sea gigantism.  Dude.  That shit is crazy.  Take for example, the collosal squid.  Are you not alarmed by its very existence??  They can be up to 46 feet long.  That is some dinosaur shit right there.  And, no I am not stoned.

All I know is that there is shit down there that we don’t even KNOW about.  Go watch this & tell me you’re freaked out!!


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