Love Grenades

As mentioned in a previous comment in Stella’s post about Teen Witch, my friend from college, singer/songwriter Liz Wight, has a solo project called Love Grenades. As I’m trying to think of how to describe her music, I keep thinking of the day we went to a Le Tigre concert back in college at El Capitan Theatre in LA, and we both got inspired to start a one-woman synth band.  Needless to say, she’s clearly the only one who followed through with that, and that’s really all the description I can come up with.  I mean, obviosly Le Tigre is an influence on her, but so is Debbie Harry, and Anna Karina, if that makes any sense.  I think Liz has a style and essence that, although reminiscent of all these influences combined, is truly her own.  I remember going to her first show, after she invited me one day in Feminist Theory class, when she was playing with a band called Holy Hydraulics.  I didn’t go expecting much, as more often thean not, the bands your friends are in usually suck, and you’re just going for like moral support.  But, the second she opened her mouth I just remember thinking that this girl was born to do this, and it was crazy to me that she wasn’t a household name already.  I guess that’s what it is.  You hear her, and it’s the voice of a true professional, a true artist, like she’s been around for 30 years doing this, and is on the cover of Rolling Stone or something.  And not in like an Amy Winehouse sort of way, because I feel like her music is always so fresh, not really trying to hark back to anything exactly, but more of a natural outcome from someone who’s grown up around the music of the 80s and 90s and is in love with the aesthetic of Godard movies.  I should mention though, that almost all her family is in the music industry in some capacity, but I truly beleive Liz just has an incredible natural talent for this.  She doesn’t even write music like on an instrument, she once told me it’s all like things she hears in her head and relays the sounds later on an instrument or to another person with an instrument. 

Check out her video below.  The song is called “Young Lovers,” and it co-stars Sam Sparro.

Also, check out her myspace page.  I just listened to “Tigers in the Fire.”  Fucking great song, reminds me of Hercules & Love Affair a bit.


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  1. sam

    true that Im surprised I havent seen liz on the cover of rooling stones yet myself though Im thrilled she finally getting some spins on the radio!

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