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Fleet Foxes

All I want to do is wear plaid, run around in a field of daisies, followed by rolling around with a hot plaid-wearing man with facial hair in a big white bed while listening to Fleet Foxes.



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Call For Boycott: Fox Everything

I’m re-blogging an entry from my good friend and colleague, DVD Producer Alex (will henceforth be referred to as “Producer Alex”), from his blog ThereWillBeBlog.

Look out for a highly provocative interview from Producer Alex in the near future.

It’s finally time to boycott Fox.  That means the channel, FX, Fox movies, Fox Sports, the NY Post, making fun of the NY Post, reading Page Six, and of course Fox News.

This has been brewing for a while, but enough factors are converging to make this has been a reality.  Their politics and lies have been dumbing down the country for years, but you can’t hold that against The Simpsons, can you?  Yes, you can:

-Avoiding Fox News is pretty easy for anyone that currently isn’t holding a shotgun and a bible right now.  However there is a perverse desire to see just how big of an asshole Bill O’Reilly is, or to see what inane fuckery is going on today on Fox & Friends.  As a result, recent studies have shown that Fox News viewership is almost even between liberals and conservatives (both watching for different reasons).  Its time we just ignore it, these numbers, which are probably bullshit, are still a little embarrassing.

-20th Centruy Fox is slowly choking itself to death while masturbating at the same time.  Studio head Tom Rothman, while apparently a perfect host of a Fox Movie Channel show on the history of Fox, is driving away all behind the scenes talent from the studio and bringing in yes men to replace them.  They’ve had no $100+ blockbusters this year.  Matthieu Kassovitz, director of Babylon A.D. , has called the studio out on cutting any intelligence out of his new movie.  Even Brett “Studio Tit-Sucker” Ratner complained about their micromanagement on X-Men: The Last Stand.

-FX seems to be the manifestation of everything the right-wing hates, but its really getting kind of stale.  I’ve watched the entire run of Nip/Tuck, but it was announced that the series wouldn’t end until 2011, I decided to sever my ties.  This is a little heartbreaking for me, someone who was once the Carver for Halloween.  Go away Nip/Tuck, and join The L Word and Dawson’s Creek in the “TV Shows I Fell Out of Love” with bin.  Also, I don’t really care about bikers, gossip magazines, fire fighters or damages, so I won’t be watching any of their other original programming this year.

-Boycotting Fox Sports, the Post etc should be pretty easy.  Each entity has a exact copy doing the exact same thing you can switch to easily. 

-As for The Simpsons, you should just be boycotting it on principle after the uninspired movie last year.  If you want to watch the old episodes, buy the box sets used.  That way Murdoch never gets your money.


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Helen Lovejoy

Bitch needs to calm the fuck down.

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All About Peggy

Yes, I’m blogging about Mad Men…AGAIN.  Though, this time, I’m focusing more on the varied portrayals women.  But, yet again, Slut Machine aka Tracie Egan has sort of beat me to the punch, though you can watch the video on her post for more context.

Anyway, Bobbie Barrett (she was most famously featured in that one scene where Don Draper shoves his hand up her crotch), the wife and manager of a comedian who works for Sterling Cooper, offers Peggy the following advice:

You’re never gonna get that corner office until you start treating Don as an equal. And no one will tell you this, but you can’t be a man. Don’t even try. Be a woman. It’s powerful business, when done correctly

At first I wasn’t sure how she meant that– was she subscribing to some Joan-esque notion of getting what you want (in Joan and Helen Gurley Brown’s world, money, and a husband, most likely) by playing up features that can be seen as more normative representations of femininity?  Clearly, Joan is Peggy’s foil in this way, because Peggy wants more (and gets more than) what Joan wants, and in a completely different way.  But then I thought, no, Bobbie isn’t at all like Joan.  In fact, I think she is sort of saying,something similar to an oft-cited (at least in the circles I ran in in college) Audre Lorde quote (from an essay of a similar name) about the master’s tools never being able to dismantle the master’s house. 

It’s funny, because I always thought about this particular quote/essay while Hillary Clinton was still campaigning.  I just had happened to purchase the AMAZING movie All About Eve around this time as well, which among LOTS and LOTS of other things, totally made me think about Hillary Clinton’s parallels to Eve in terms of the types of strategies she employs and has employed to advance her career.  Both of these women (Eve and Hillary), I feel, sort of play by the rules of the patriarchy (instead of dismantling the rules themselves) in order to come out “on top.”  I feel like I totally see shades of this in Peggy, and clearly, so does Bobbie.

As Slut Machine points out,

…we’re often led to believe that in order to be equal with men, we have to be the same as them. And sure, some women are in many respects, but a lot of us aren’t. And we shouldn’t have to be. That’s the whole point of ‘lib,’ right?

Not only this, but if we stay within the limits of a system that has been oppressive towards non-white non-males, it’s probably very likely that we will continue to perpetuate a lot of the patterns and ideas that create the oppression itself.  So any real, lasting change is a lot harder to achieve when you’re working within a framework that purposely limits specific people. 

Immediately after watching this scene/quote, the i person I was with remarked “That’s some pretty good advice!”  And now after thinking about it forever and analyzing it to death, I think I agree!


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4 Stages of Katy Perry

My friend Rupert posted the following bulletin on myspace (yes, I haven’t abandoned myspace yet, whatever) about the Katy Perry song “I Kissed A Girl”:

1. It’s sorta a lame song.

2. How lame is it that our society is so titillated by girl on girl stuff that a lame song like that becomes a super hit. I’ve got news for you mainstream america, girls hook up with girls all the time. Your average teenage girl has allready hooked up with more girls by age 16 than I will in my entire life. In fact girls who don’t like girls are the really the rare thing, I know 4 of them.

3. That broad so does not hook up with chicks. She totally looks like the type of girl that would hook up with a girl in theory, but is to busy with penisis.

4. ok, I’ll admit it, it’s sorta a good song and I like it.


BTW, this the same man who admitted publicly on myspace that the only reason he held back from buying Barbie Pop Tarts at the store is because he thought the check out girl would think he’s too gay, and then secretly regretted deeply that he didn’t buy them after all.  He did grow the balls to go back to the store, though, and finally got his beloved pink Barbie Pop Tarts.  So, basically, Rupert is the best, and I heart him.

Anyway, I feel like I went through the EXACT same range of emotions with this song.  I remember the first time I heard this song, I was at the Cubbyhole, and they WOULD NOT STOP PLAYING IT.  I was like, Jesus, I liked this song better when Jill Sobule sang it TEN YEARS AGO…well, I didn’t actually like that song either, but whatever, you know what I mean.  Like, how edgy are you when you recycle that old of a trend, and don’t even have the balls to go full lesbian with it?  “I hope my boyfriend dont mind it”?  BITCH, PLEEEASE. 

But then, somehow, some way, I was kinda like, hmmm, hey this is kinda fun to dance to around my room, hmm yeahhh. 

Next thing you know it’s on my ipod.  And now I totally like it.  Even though it’s fucking stupid.

The End

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To Thine Own Self Be True

You know that Shakespearean admonition, ‘To thine own self be true’? It’s premised on the idea that ‘thine own self’ is something pretty good, being true to which is commendable. But what if ‘thine own self’ is not so good? What if it’s pretty bad? Would it be better, in that case, *not* to be true to thine own self?… See, that’s my situation

That’s another great quote from The Last Days of Disco.  So, I pretty much think about this ALL THE TIME.  First, what ARE our true selves, really?  If we’re operating under the assumption that most things are socially constructed, is it even possible to be able to tell what isn’t?  Does it matter?  Do some things that are socially constructed become true?  For example, physical adaptation to evironments to ensure survival of the species.  Perhaps that’s reaching a bit when applied to human thought/culture/socialization, but like, in terms of your own desires– how do you know what parts of that are bullshit & what parts you should listen to?  How can you be sure that what “feels good” is the “correct” thing to follow, or do?  Conversely, how do you know when you should restrain yourself or not?  Is being honest with yourself and acting upon it more often than not, a good thing?

If you look at it in terms of your own feelings & thoughts, I mean, it can’t possibly be that everything is either “true” or “false” to yourself, even if you do think that nearly everything is a social construction.  Is it necessary that you “know” yourself before you can assess such things?  Does anyone ever really “know” themselves?   Is everyone just a big fat liar????  How can people possibly know or be so sure what are the “right” and “wrong” decisions?  I mean, how can one even make huge, life-altering decisions?  Is everyone just taking a bunch of risks & hoping it just turns out ok in the end?  I mean, I do that sometimes.  But for EVERYTHING? 

I mean, I am all for listening to yourself, and I think that you should definitely NOT ignore the desires you have.  I mean, acknowledge they are there and that is, regardless of where it originated, part of who you are, like it or not.  But it’s just this piece with regards to then determining what this means in terms of action that I get stuck on.

Help, I’m drowning in my own bullshit.

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Lady and The Tramp

I just watched The Last Days of Disco, directed by the same guy (Whit Stillman) who did Metropolitan and Barcelona.  By the way, I heard that this movie isn’t and never will be on DVD, so do yourself a favor and dowload it immediately. 

The point is, though, that although LOTS of things really struck me and were brilliant about this movie, the following monologue REALLY perked up my ears:

[referring to Lady and the Tramp] There is something depressing about it, and it’s not really about dogs. Except for some superficial bow-wow stuff at the start, the dogs all represent human types, which is where it gets into real trouble. Lady, the ostensible protagonist, is a fluffy blond Cocker Spaniel with absolutely nothing on her brain. She’s great-looking, but – let’s be honest – incredibly insipid. Tramp, the love interest, is a smarmy braggart of the most obnoxious kind – an oily jailbird out for a piece of tail, or… whatever he can get….he’s a self-confessed chicken thief, and all-around sleazeball. What’s the function of a film of this kind? Essentially as a primer on love and marriage directed at very young people, imprinting on their little psyches the idea that smooth-talking delinquents recently escaped from the local pound are a good match for nice girls from sheltered homes. When in ten years the icky human version of Tramp shows up around the house, their hormones will be racing and no one will understand why. Films like this program women to adore jerks.

And this, my friends, is what I was talking about w/r/t Dylan McKay, and that’s why I love/hate him.  I love him because I was programmed to, and I hate that even though I intellectually understand this, I cannot transcend it.  And that is why I am retarded.  Thank you, and goodnight.

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