Girl Talk: Boys!

This entry is super 13-year old girl/Tiger Beat but, whatever.  That’s just what’s happening right now.

First of all, I just discovered here that I was seriously less than 9 feet away from Jake Gyllenhall at the Black Lips show at McCarren Pool on Sunday.  Yes, it’s true, I have a very serious and debilitating disorder in which I am doomed to be thisclose to Jakie poo at numerous points in my life, and yet still not actually meet him.  So what if he’s with Reese Witherspoon?  That’s really not the point. 

Also, James Franco was in my roommate’s office (he works at a television production company) yesterday.   When I told Stella, after we established how retardedly hot we both think he is, she then said the following:

i wanna have a 6-some, with two james francos, two don drapers and one aaron eckhart

Pretty much the most awesome quote ever.


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One response to “Girl Talk: Boys!

  1. Joe Rice

    I’d completely go gay for that sixsome. Hell, just give me six James Francos. Perhaps in different costumes . . .you get your Freaks and Geeks Franco, your James Dean Franco, oh God I just gave myself 8 boners.

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