Margaret Cho!

So, last night, I ran into Margaret Cho in the East Village.  I went out to dinner with my roommate at Max’s, which is like this great Italian place that reminded me of when I was living in Florence (sort of).  The dinner was I guess something to kick off my birthday week (my bday is on Sunday, eek!).   After we got out of dinner, I decided we should take a cab to Union Square, where we were to see Pineapple Express.  Directly across the street was an older man, a tween-age kid, and…Margaret Cho.  I was all, “Holy shit, it’s Margaret Cho,” under my breath to my roommate.  The older man asked us if we were waiting for a cab.  As we crossed the street to move to a different corner, I knew I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by. 

I wrote a paper about Margaret Cho in college about a show she did in 2001, sort of analyzing it the context of feminist performance theory.  8 pages long!  I remember I wrote it in 12 hours at my favorite cafe by my 90210 beach house apartment in Long Beach, CA.  I had been wanting to send it to her since 2004, but for some reason, never got the courage to do so.  I dunno, I am retarded. 

Anyway, I approached her, asked her if it was indeed her and said something dumb about how I’m a huge fan, etc., and introduced myself.  My roommate yelled that he put her upcoming show on his itunes or something, and she seemed to appreciate that.  She was nice, but I was trying so hard to control my excitement (I had also just had a couple of glasses of wine), that I couldn’t even like comprehend how this was actually happening.  I’ve just been a fan of hers for so fucking long, and to meet her in person was like…I dunno, unreal.

So after the movie— James Franco TOTALLY stole the show, btw— I found my Margaret Cho Performance Theory paper, I found her email address online & I sent it to her.  Not that I think she’s even going to read it or care about it, but now I feel like I’ve actually done it, at least.  Overall, it was a pretty sweet way to kick off birthday week 2008!


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  1. Joe Rice

    Happy birthday week kick-off. That’s pretty awesome.

    And, yeah, Franco was AMAZING. Like, Oscar-worthy, if that meant anything anymore AND if they ever paid attention to funny.

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