4 Stages of Katy Perry

My friend Rupert posted the following bulletin on myspace (yes, I haven’t abandoned myspace yet, whatever) about the Katy Perry song “I Kissed A Girl”:

1. It’s sorta a lame song.

2. How lame is it that our society is so titillated by girl on girl stuff that a lame song like that becomes a super hit. I’ve got news for you mainstream america, girls hook up with girls all the time. Your average teenage girl has allready hooked up with more girls by age 16 than I will in my entire life. In fact girls who don’t like girls are the really the rare thing, I know 4 of them.

3. That broad so does not hook up with chicks. She totally looks like the type of girl that would hook up with a girl in theory, but is to busy with penisis.

4. ok, I’ll admit it, it’s sorta a good song and I like it.


BTW, this the same man who admitted publicly on myspace that the only reason he held back from buying Barbie Pop Tarts at the store is because he thought the check out girl would think he’s too gay, and then secretly regretted deeply that he didn’t buy them after all.  He did grow the balls to go back to the store, though, and finally got his beloved pink Barbie Pop Tarts.  So, basically, Rupert is the best, and I heart him.

Anyway, I feel like I went through the EXACT same range of emotions with this song.  I remember the first time I heard this song, I was at the Cubbyhole, and they WOULD NOT STOP PLAYING IT.  I was like, Jesus, I liked this song better when Jill Sobule sang it TEN YEARS AGO…well, I didn’t actually like that song either, but whatever, you know what I mean.  Like, how edgy are you when you recycle that old of a trend, and don’t even have the balls to go full lesbian with it?  “I hope my boyfriend dont mind it”?  BITCH, PLEEEASE. 

But then, somehow, some way, I was kinda like, hmmm, hey this is kinda fun to dance to around my room, hmm yeahhh. 

Next thing you know it’s on my ipod.  And now I totally like it.  Even though it’s fucking stupid.

The End


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