Call For Boycott: Fox Everything

I’m re-blogging an entry from my good friend and colleague, DVD Producer Alex (will henceforth be referred to as “Producer Alex”), from his blog ThereWillBeBlog.

Look out for a highly provocative interview from Producer Alex in the near future.

It’s finally time to boycott Fox.  That means the channel, FX, Fox movies, Fox Sports, the NY Post, making fun of the NY Post, reading Page Six, and of course Fox News.

This has been brewing for a while, but enough factors are converging to make this has been a reality.  Their politics and lies have been dumbing down the country for years, but you can’t hold that against The Simpsons, can you?  Yes, you can:

-Avoiding Fox News is pretty easy for anyone that currently isn’t holding a shotgun and a bible right now.  However there is a perverse desire to see just how big of an asshole Bill O’Reilly is, or to see what inane fuckery is going on today on Fox & Friends.  As a result, recent studies have shown that Fox News viewership is almost even between liberals and conservatives (both watching for different reasons).  Its time we just ignore it, these numbers, which are probably bullshit, are still a little embarrassing.

-20th Centruy Fox is slowly choking itself to death while masturbating at the same time.  Studio head Tom Rothman, while apparently a perfect host of a Fox Movie Channel show on the history of Fox, is driving away all behind the scenes talent from the studio and bringing in yes men to replace them.  They’ve had no $100+ blockbusters this year.  Matthieu Kassovitz, director of Babylon A.D. , has called the studio out on cutting any intelligence out of his new movie.  Even Brett “Studio Tit-Sucker” Ratner complained about their micromanagement on X-Men: The Last Stand.

-FX seems to be the manifestation of everything the right-wing hates, but its really getting kind of stale.  I’ve watched the entire run of Nip/Tuck, but it was announced that the series wouldn’t end until 2011, I decided to sever my ties.  This is a little heartbreaking for me, someone who was once the Carver for Halloween.  Go away Nip/Tuck, and join The L Word and Dawson’s Creek in the “TV Shows I Fell Out of Love” with bin.  Also, I don’t really care about bikers, gossip magazines, fire fighters or damages, so I won’t be watching any of their other original programming this year.

-Boycotting Fox Sports, the Post etc should be pretty easy.  Each entity has a exact copy doing the exact same thing you can switch to easily. 

-As for The Simpsons, you should just be boycotting it on principle after the uninspired movie last year.  If you want to watch the old episodes, buy the box sets used.  That way Murdoch never gets your money.



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  1. you can call me punjab eggplant

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