PRPS and MGMT Party

Last night a attended a pretty exclusive fashion week party to premiere the PRPS clothing line.  I guess they made jeans, before, or whatever.  Word on the street is, and by street, I mean, random blog I found while google image searching pictures of PRPS jeans, that their “boyfriend” jean is a favorite of celebrities such as Katie Holmes, and someone else I forgot and/or dont care about enough to remember or read the entire sentence about.

Instead of a fashion show, they had models standing around as if they were perpetually in a fashion editorial.  It was kind of like the movie Cucoon, but with younger, more undernourished people.  I even caught one of the male models sort of talking to himself.  Yeah, it’s kind of a weird situation to be in, but its even weirder when you’re surrounded by model/mannequins on platforms with sets.  It was kind of like those Barbie’s Malt Shop playsets, lifesized (and it is with great regret that I cannot seem to find a picture of any Barbie playset on google image search; but, FYI, the Malt Shoppe was the best one).

Why was I at this party, do you ask?  Because my friend from back home, let’s call her, Miss S, who I’d been letting stay on my couch periodically, works for a rising star in the fashion industry.  She knew how dissappointed I was to not have been able to see MGMT because of the McCarren Pool debacle, and so she invited me as her “plus one.”  Pretty sweet!  So, basically, the only reason I was there was to watch MGMT.

So, Ms. S and I stood around, pretty much the only people eating all the free hors d’ouevres & mini-cupcakes, until the band went on.  I was really jazzed that I was finally going to get to see them, and in a comparitively intimate venue that is usually unbearably packed with people.   But not this time, baby.  I was a VIP…kind of.

So they finally came on, and opened with “Weekend Warriors,” followed by “Of Moons, Birds & Monsters,” which is my jam.  Then, they played “Youth,” some other songs, and “Electric Feel.”  Though, admittedly, the middle of their set was kinda boring, most people there were just sort of standing around lifelessly, for the most part.  I felt like Miss S, her coworker & her coworker’s friend & I were pretty much the only ones, save the front row of the stage, that were feeling it, dancing around, etc. to the music.  I guess all those poor malnourished kids just needed to save their energy.  Anyway, MGMT closed out with “Kids.”  I dunno, I’ve read many reviews, I think it was Pitchfork in particular, that said MGMT isn’t all that great live, still need time to grow, etc., so I was expecting it to potentially suck, but overall, I think I was pleasantly surprised.

I would mention the semi- and actually famous people I saw there, but I think that might be tacky and/or potentially detrimental to Miss S.  Though I will say, because it’s not fashion-related, that I did see the actor who played Ricky from My So-Called Life and I totally waved at him because I was spazzing out so hard about seeing him.  And he waved back!  Yay.


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