An Informational and Random News/Thoughts Post

1.  There are some big changes about to hit The Greatest Blog Ever Hula’d.  One of the big ones is that we’re going to have more standard (and exciting!) features.  So while Stella and I are still brewing things up, the posts might be a little few and far between until we take back the night, as it were, and REALLY get this party started.  Pump up the volume.  Holla.

2.  I just cracked open this week’s New York Magazine, only to become more depressed (validated?) than I had been feeling lately about life, mostly because of Elizabeth Wurtzel’s essay on David Foster Wallace.  She ended it like this:

So here is the miserable truth that those of us who are given to depression are forced to face when David Foster Wallace commits suicide: It didn’t and turn out well.  There is no happy ending to the story of sorrow if you are born with a predilection for despair.  The world is, after all, a coarse and brutal place.  It’s only a matter of how long you can live with it.

Jesus Christ, lady, I now want to just crumple up on the ground and lay there forever like on that one Radiohead video.  Yeah.

3.  But on the bright side of things, I went to a new yoga studio today with my friend Alli, who goes there regularly.  I felt like after an exhausting day like today, especially after a series of exhausting few days, I just needed to do some emergency yoga.  I usually go to Yoga to the People, which is a pretty nice and incredibly affordable, but this place I went to this time, Dharma Mittra, was kind of more the real deal in terms of being more Hindu-y and meditation-based.  Their classes are longer, and aren’t as ass-in-your-face-hot-and-sweaty.  I haven’t been to yoga in quite a while, and have more been relying on Pilates & running– which honestly, I think may may possibly stress one out even more to a certain extent.  Anyway, after my one and a half hour yoga sesh and a super healthy dinner with Alli, it was amazing how great I felt compared to earlier today.  Though I sort of knew this before, but, I can’t remember a time I didn’t feel absolutely fantastic after yoga.  And especially this time after not going for so long.  it was restorative, fulfilling, emotional, challenging, and kinetic all wrapped into one.  I’m just really glad yoga exists in this “coarse and brutal” world.


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  1. That is great! I love Dharma!

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