Song I’m Obsessed With This Week: Maple Leaves by Jens Lekman

posted by: Coco Buchanan

Unfortunately, I couldn’t upload just the mp3 of this from my itunes, so here is the next best thing. It’s a lot slower than the regular version, but this was the best quality video I could find:

So, ever since the Of Montreal concert I went to the other week that I got VIP tickets to (it was AMAZING, bee tee dubbs) and sat next to Jens Lekman, I’ve been re-listening to his first album, Oh You’re So Silent, Jens.  Though there are plenty of great tracks on that album, I more recently got obsessed with this one, even though I hadn’t really been before.

It’s a great song, not just because it uses (though not so much in this video) a faster beat with lush violins, etc., but because I love the subject matter.  To me, it feel like it’s about the misunderstandings in a relationship, and also maybe how being apart can exascerbate that: 

I think you’re beautiful
but it’s impossible
to make you understand
that if you don’t take my hand
I lose my mind completely
Madness will finally defeat me

She said it was all make-believe
but I thought you said maple leaves
and when she talked about the fall
I thought she talked about the season
I never understood at all


I also like that line about “and every homeless kitty.”


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