Hey our 2 fans!

Posted by: Coco Buchanan

Um, due to unforseen circumstances, our posts will be delayed/few and far between…mostly because Stella and I are having a stressful work situation that may last for the next two weeks.  So, we apologize for our two fans who actually read this blog regularly.



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3 responses to “Hey our 2 fans!

  1. Joe Rice

    There’s two of us now? Aw, hell no! Why can’t I ever be special?

  2. the werewolf of sex

    hey! what’re YOU doing here? i thought i was THE fan?…..

    hurry up and write shit. we’re bored!!!

  3. Alexi Lawless

    No, there’s three of us. How am I supposed to procrastinate at work now? You two are so f*ing inconsiderate!

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