Song I’m Obsessed With This Week: Little Bit by Lykke Li

Posted By: Coco Buchanan

I do love them Swedes.  This one I saw at CMJ the other week, and let me tell you, she was FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC.  I definitely have a girlcrush.  I love this whole album, but this particular song, I’m pretty obsessed with.

Before my awful mugging happened Saturday night, me & one of my good friends were listening to it at her studio getting ready to go out.  It’s the perfect song to get ready to with your friends, especially a good, old friend you’ve had since junior high, as was the case that night.  It kinda took me back to when we used to talk about boys we liked, and that magical feeling when you really, really feel so strongly about a guy (before dating got all complicated & awkward in high school) that the very thought of him puts a giddy smile on your face & you’re kind of just in a great mood for the rest of the day.



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5 responses to “Song I’m Obsessed With This Week: Little Bit by Lykke Li

  1. Joe Rice

    Whoa, you got mugged? I guess you’re OK . . .do you need anything?

  2. cocobuchanan

    I’m fine, just a bit injured. On the bright side, I’m now a crip.

  3. Joe Rice

    That’s an incredibly bright side. Crips 4-eva.

  4. this is not going to be the last song i listen to tonite. you can be damn skippy ’bout that. terrible idea. that chorus is THERE!

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