Guest Blogger: Lacroix

Lacroix, a friend of Whateverishly, writes a beauty blog, appropriately called Lacroix: The Beauty Blog.  A while back, I asked her to write a little somethin’ somethin’ for us.  And it goes a little something like this….. – Coco B.

When I first encountered Dr. Bronner’s, it was on the body of my ex- a pro surfer that was sticky liyasweet of salt water would cleanse his body and smell of peppermint. When I decided to join the fun in the Pacific Ocean, I wanted to smell of peppermint to.. better yet lavender. So after a good turn in the Pacific, instead of being a salt water chocolate taffy, I took a nice bath in Dr. Bronner’s Lavender soap and soothed my aches and bruises.

I recently picked up another bottle and thought to myself at Whole Foods, “I think this could save the day, 18 in 1 to save us all”. No joke.  I was on the hunt for a good makeup remover ( which would run me up to $35) and I needed to buy laundry detergent ( $10), I had an agenda but it was quickly cut short after buying my soap. Why, because it was my Superman in a bottle- on the real.

With the economy in denial and the uncertainty of finances, this was my one-stop. Just like my Smith’s Rosebud balm that I use for everything ( hands, feet, elbows, knees, lips, shoeshine..everything).

I went home immediately and put my bottle of Dr. B’s to work and was satisfied and smelling like Lavender..mmm. Then I read a little more and realized that this was my dream come true.  A drop diluted with water can be used as: tooth paste, mouthwash and household cleaner ( nice!) and a cup or so can go further and do the job on your apt (excellent).

I haven’t yet tested the toothpaste and mouth wash ( I need to pick up a peppermint..might make me feel a bit at ease).

I’m a guinea pig for beauty ,naturally and am partially biased on this one as the products are made 15 minutes from my childhood home in PQ, Escondido. The fact that  it is certified organic, engages in fair trade and the company profit shares with its employees doesn’t hurt my heart at all. In fact I feel damn good to contributing to a good cause knowing I can be sustainable and survive in this economy…so fresh and so clean clean


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