Interview With Alexi Lawless: Hat Model and Not-for-Profit Sellout

Posted by: Stella Glass

 SG: Where you from & where do you stay at?
AL: I’m from the Strong Island and I stay at my house in Brooklyn
SG: Who is your Daddy, and what does he do?
AL: Bill. He’s a civil rights lawyer.
SG:  What sound or noise do you love?
AL: there are so many noises that i don’t love
  if that was the question it would be easy to answer
SG:  well say one that you don’t love, too
  Oh, I know
  I do like the sound of a whistling tea kettle
  I don’t like the sound of subway screeching into the station
  especially at union squareanne
SG: If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?
AL: I guess that chick Anne Hathaway because she’s got dark hair and eyes like me and isn’t incredibly annoying
SG: Do you think you’ve “sold out”?
AL: maybe… does giving up being an artist to pay rent count as selling out?
SG:I think, kind of.
AL: oh well
  I’m not interested in being homeless
SG: Would you welcome the opportunity to “sell out”? even further?
AL: oh yes, i could really use the cash and publicity
SG: What are the first 5 songs on your “recently played” play list
AL: so does that mean what were the last five songs that were played on my ipod?
Or can i interpret it the way i want?
 SG: I mean it meant the recently played ipod list but yeah, any way you like, last 5 songs played
AL: ok then
Dial Up by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
 The Tracks of My Tears by Smokey Robinson
 Fancy Clown by Madvillain
 Farewell Ride by Beck
 Ante Up Remix by MOP
SG:: Oooh, that last one is especially delightful
AL: especially delightful in that youtube video with bert and ernie
SG:  Totally. with the little sheep
AL: That’s my favorite part.  Sheep playing trumpets

SG: Oysters or Peanuts at happy hour?
AL: Oysters, but only if it’s not at some sketchy place like a dive bar.  That would be asking for food poisoning
SG: Very true.
 If I were at your house would it be cool if I Crashed There?
AL: You could absolutely crash at my house. Deadbeat rappers who refuse to get real jobs and stay for a minimum of three months are a completely different story
SG: Well I’m glad I’m not among that group
AL: no,  certainly not
SG: What is your problem?
AL: I complain too much
SG: Define the word “burrito.”
AL: Beans, rice, cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo, and extra jalapenos all wrapped up in a tortilla. That’s the way I like mine, so get cooking, good looking!
SG : Preference: “tex mex” or “cali mex?”
Alex: Tex Mex
SG: You have to move to another city that you’ve never even visited and live there for at least one year. Where do you go?
AL: Well, I’ve been reading about Samoa in the new Frank 151 book and it seems pretty awesome, so I guess I’d go live there
  in American Samoa
  um… city?
 Pago Pago
 thank you google maps
SG: Oh, Pago Pago.  Beautiful
SG: Invent a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor that incorporates the name of a band. Go
AL: Led Zeppoli. Powdered sugar ice cream with bits of fried dough.
SG: Fantastic.   Thats my favorite one so far
AL:: awesome
SG: What’d you do today?
AL:: Walked the dog, learned about open ended questions, worked on some proposals.
  i’m going to be in a photo shoot later today but that hasn’t happened yet
SG: What kind of photo shoot?
AL: it’s for the frank distro league new era hats. they’re photographing a bunch of girls wearing the hats for their look book.
SG: Nice.  I would love to see your pictures whn its done.
If your country of origin suddenly adopted an Israeli/Italian policy towards defense, and you had to join the armed forces in some capacity, what would you choose to do?

AL: I would learn how to play an instrument and be in the army band. I don’t think they make any band members fight in the wars because their all uncoodinated band geeks
SG: Very good point and clever too. i didnt know they had army bands
 your next and final question:Brandon, Dylan or Steve?

AL:  it’s so hard to choose
SG:  I know. no one said this would be easy
AL:when i was little it was dylan. i was a sucker for scarred eyebrows and sideburns
SG: How about now?
AL: but now i would probably say brandon because he always had his shit together, except that time he did euphoria with Emily Valentine. We all make mistakes when we’re young and in love.


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