Song I’m Obsessed With This Week: This Woman’s Work cover by Maxwell

OK, you people are going to think I’m insane.  But for some reason, this song has taken over my life for the past few days.  I know.  Who the hell listens to Maxwell or even listened to Maxwell outside of 1996 or whatever?  I heard it a few weeks ago while spending some quality time with a friend (ha ha), and remembered when I first heard this Maxwell song in, like, middle or high school, it piqued my curiosity about Kate Bush.  I had heard the original Kate Bush version of this song before, but perhaps because Maxwell made it somewhat more palateable to my ears at the time, it made me want to discover more Kate Bush’s music.  As a result, I really grew to like and appreciate her as an artist over the years, and in different ways as I get older (as cliche as that sounds).  I really think she is one of the most truly original and powerful solo artists around.

But anyway, for some reason, I’ve lately grown an addiction for this Maxwell version.  Kate Bush’s lyrics are amazing, obviously, and it’s pretty hard for another artist to cover her without sounding super cheesy or melodramatic.  In a weird way, I think it works well as a semi-R & B song here.  Not to mention the fact that at least you have to give the man credit for reaching those impossibly high notes.  Though Kate Bush’s voice is a little precious, she sounds shrill and offbeat compared to Maxwell.  But I like both takes on it, and yes, Maxwell is cheesy, but he pulls it off well, and it’s pleasant to listen to, dammit!

Here’s the Kate Bush version.  The video is pretty ridic, but the song is absolutely killer:


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