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Song I’m Obsessed With: “Gila” Beach House

Posted by: Stella Glassbeachhouse_devotion

I am posting this on the BOLT! Bus to Boston right now. A very nice coach liner that boasts Wi-Fi.  I pictured myself tapping away on my laptop in the seat as New England whizzed by, but it turns out that while seat-back outlets were in the budget, tray-tables were not, so I’m typing this with my laptop perched precariously on my lap as we rumble and bump our way up the  Henry Hudson Parkway.

I first heard this album in the fall; late in the game with all of the press this band was receiving.  The entire album is fantastic but this song, in particular, I love. Perhaps in part because the chorus of “Giiiiila-ha-ha” evokes a specific memory.  When I was two years old and my mom was pregnant with my sister I was crazy excited for the baby to be born. I was constantly “talking” to her through my mom’s stomach and randomly decided that the baby’s name would be “Goola”.  I have no idea why, but I called her Goola until she was born when my parents gave her a real name.   As soon as I heard this song for the first time, I immediately sang along, swapping “Gila” for “Goola”. Goola, as a name is somewhat unfortunate and sort of conjures the image of a googly-eyed toothless baby gumming a spoonful of cooked carrots, which could be why it never caught on as a nickname.

The other best part of the song is the instrument that plays a series of descending notes right before the chorus begins.

Happy Friday, people.

“Gila” Beach House


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Posted By: Coco Buchanan


A certain podcast has come to my attention.  I am probably the least sports-oriented person on the face of the planet, and yet I still find Da Burghcast with Herb & Buxy hilarious.  It’s kinda similar to that “Da Bears” sketch on old SNL, but obviously, about the Steelers, and Buxy & Herb are truly their own unique beings– so really, it’s nothing like “Da Bears” at all except that they talk about sports.  I don’t get all the references, given that I don’t watch football now nor have I ever, but for reals, this shit had me laughing out loud on the train, at the gym, and at work. 

Here are a couple of relevant episodes to the Super Bowl (rightclick to save): Episode 217 and 218.  You can subscribe to their podcast if you search “burghcast” on itunes, or download any episode you want. 


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crazy-aunt-helen-phoneIf you’d like to ask Crazy Aunt Helen a question and be featured in her next column, or even want to ask Stella or I something, you can now email us all at

Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to read your emails aloud to Aunt Helen.  Last time we let her loose on the computer, she tried to pee in it, screaming about “those ‘Japs’ and their damn blinkity bloop contraptions.”

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Interview with Abbington von Koo, Proprieter of Koochievision, and Potential U.S.Deserter

Posted by: Stella Glass

KOOCHIEVISION, KOOCHIEVISION, KOOCHIEVISION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!animal-2

AvK: Um I WAS BORN READY. That’s my first quote. Quote me

SG: Okay. Here we go. Where you from & where do you stay at?

AvK: I’m from, well, actually it’s complicated. My parents told me when I was the tender age of 6 that I was in fact dropped off from my “space parents.” So I guess I’m from the outer limits by way of BOSSSSTON.  And I stay at peewee’s playhouse also known as Koochieville

SG: Who is your Daddy, and what does he do?

AvK: Gerry. I’m a Gerry’s kid! He’s an oracle; wiser than Gandalf and more magical than Shaq in Kazaam!

SG: What is your problem?

AvK: What’s YOUR damage? My real problem is the movie “Problem Child” 1 AND 2

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Crazy Aunt Helen: Bridal Fever


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Dear Aunt Helen,

Donna, the girl who sits next to me at my office, is driving me crazy!  For months all she talked about was how she wanted to get engaged, and kept showing people her dream ring on Well over Christmas she got engaged and now all she talks about is her wedding! Her flowers, her venue, her menu her dress! It’s so annoying. The worst part is, I am getting married too, in the same month.  Donna and her fiance have a lot more money than I do, and now I feel like anytime I bring up MY wedding it just gets drowned out in talk about Donna’s spectacular wedding.  This morning I got so angry that I planted some steamy fake emails from a fictional guy on her email and texted erotic messages sent from a fake number to her cell phone!  Afterward, I emailed her boyfriend from her email account  (I hacked into her computer during the dead of night with the help of an MIT comp-sci. student) and wrote a letter that hr boyfriend will think is from her. In it she gives him access to her email account. He will be unable to resist checking it which will  lead him to see the emails and learn about the sexy text messages (which I alluded to in the email).  After being so grossly betrayed by the woman he loves he will have no choice but to dump her,and commit suicide which will shut her up about the wedding. My question is does this qualify as a Bride War? Or does she have to do something to me, too?


Prenuptial in Poughkipsee

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Interrupting Cow Part II

Posted by: Stella Glasscow_1024

I just saw Coco’s post below reacting to our experience in the coffee shop and don’t think it could have been said any better.  It is endlessly frustrating to have to deal with this types of intrusions be it in a bar, a store or on the subway. I have ranted to my poor boyfriend more times than I care to mention about how angry it makes me that waiting for him or a friend to meet me at a bar becomes an anxiety inducing experience because many men assume that a woman on her own is really  only just waiting for some guy to talk to her.  Continue reading

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Interrupting Cow, Who?

cow-tonguePosted By: Coco Buchanan

Stella and I were having a meeting at our most convenient vegetarian café (the same one where we saw Olivia Thirlby & other random celebrities) in the West Village, discussing politics and political affiliations being made public in the workplace.  I was recalling an incident in a sensitivity training seminar run by a lawyer/consultant in which I questioned whether or not it made sense to not discuss politics or political affiliations when the nature of our job calls for the constant examination of municipal and national government systems. 

My point of the discussion being that because the consultant dismissed my question, making me look like a giant asshole, I am still sort of unclear about where these boundaries lie exactly.  It was then that a man in a business suit sitting next to us on a laptop thrust himself in our conversation in the following way (I’m paraphrasing): “Can I interrupt for a second?  I mean, I was eavesdropping on your conversation, and…. well, I have a thing or two to say about this, I mean, can I interrupt?”

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