Interview with Lacroix: Jalapeno Pop-lockin’ II, Electric Boogaloo

Posted by: Coco Buchanan

Some of you may already be familiar with Lacroix.  She has guest blogged for us, and writes for the appropriately titled Lacroix: The Beauty Blog.  But do any of us really know anyone, really?  Let’s take a dive into the sea of Lacroix….

CB: Where you from & where do you stay at? 

LS: San Diego, homie! And am a BK newbie 


CB: Who is your Daddy, and what does he do?

LS:My daddy be Richard and he is a engineerin’ hustla baby


CB: What sound or noise do you love?

I love the sound of the register at Jack in the box..I’m dead serious. I liked to walk in there and listen to the ticks as about 3 times a week when I ordered Jalepeno poppers. 


CB: If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?

LS: Turbo from Breakin’. He’s got the hair and the moves and my life would be a huge popo-lockin’ production.turbo


CB: Do you think you’ve “sold out”? 

LS: Absolutely, and damn proud! 


CB: Would you welcome the opportunity to “sell out”? 

LS: Again?, I’d have to think about that one 


CB: What are the first 5 songs on your “recently played” playlist? 

LS: Paranoid- Kanye West

Love Plus One – Haircut 100

2 am- Slightly Stoopid

Clap & Whistle & Walking- Cornelius

Bassment Watch- Religious Knives


CB: Oysters or Peanuts at happy hour?

LS: Peanuts


CB: If I was over at your house, would it be cool if I crash there?.

LS: Absolutely! I have a nice furry blanket with your name on it 


CB: What is your problem? 

LS: Is it just one or many? 


CB: Define the word “burrito.” 

LS: Corn or flour torrilla with rice, smoky black beans, a sprinkle of cheese, chipotle sauce with some beer battered tilapia rolled up in a succulent bundle. Avec du buerre.


CB: Preference: “tex mex” or “cali mex?” 

LS: Cali-mex  and its sister Baja-mex a la Puerto Vallarta style with lobster. 


CB: You have to move to another city that you’ve never even visited and live there for at least one year.  Where do you go? 

LS: Nepal, so I can attempt to train to climb the summit.. a nice dream of mine. 


CB: Invent a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor that incorporates the name of a band.  Go.

LS: Lacroix-de-gras!

Waffle pieces laced with caramel and fudge with toffee and cookie dough chips in french vanilla ice cream- where is the nearest Coldstone? I got to patent this shit! 

[Editor’s note: Lacroix, I didn’t realize you are now a band 🙂].


CB: What’d you do today? 

LS: Went to werk, kraftwerk! Went to MAC to do some research, did a bit of yoga for a minute.


CB: If your country of origin suddenly adopted an Israeli/Italian policy towards defense, and you had to join the armed forces in some capacity, what would you choose to do?

LS: I would like to dig myself a hole and wait it out 4 years.


CB: Brandon, Dylan or Steve?

LS: Brandon, I love the wave.


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