Like the Corners of My Mind

Posted by: Stella Glass

Saturday night after a delicious burger at Bar(n), my boyfriend and I were watching tv at home.  In an effort to limit our inane television watching we got rid of cable this past summer. For the first few months it was no problem-I read more , worked out more, took more walks, etc.  But once the frigid dead of winter hit, all I wanted to do was watch television, the stupider the better.  This predicament led us to switch on the last few minutes of Saturday Night Live which was being hosted by Rosario Dawson with musical guest Fleet Foxes.  I have not watched the show live in years, as the interwebs do the work of ferreting out the best digital shorts and making them available to people like me. Sadly even Rosario Dawson’s beauty could not make this show watchable and, as so often happens, I was forced to turn to the Internet for entertainment, and spent the next hour or so scouring YouTube for old sketches of The State, which I have been feverishly awaiting on DVD for ages.

As it turns out, the good people who post stuff to YouTube have a pretty impressive cache of old episodes.  So many memories: Barn Folk, Watch the Monkeys Do It, Father Son Race, and list goes on. The one below was one I had forgotten about, but watching it again this weekend I was reminded of its awesomeness.

On this day of hope and change,  let us look back at a kinder, gentler time in our culture and hope the Obama regime gives rise to the same kind of wacky comedic hilarity that the Clinton years did.

God Bless America.


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