Song I’m Obsessed With This Week: “One More Time” by Joe Jackson

Posted by: Coco Buchanan

I am familiar with Joe Jackson, only because my brother was obsessed with him in high school, and he kind of reminds me of Elvis Costello, at least voice-wise…who my brother was also obsessed with.  

This song, however, came to me about a month or so ago, as part of a gigantic “mix tape” that the Werewolf of Sex gave me.  Let’s just say, he has a more “mature” taste in music than I do, and though I may be afraid to be “smooth” (i.e. listen to Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald, and other types of so-called yacht rock aka San Diego mall music!) I feel like this is the type of old-timer stuff we cross over on. 

I really like the guitar hook, and the  overall angsty/bitter sentiment coupled with the sense of urgency and emotion that is quintessentially Joe Jackson.  It works as both one of those “fuck you!” type of songs that you can rock out to, but is not so overwhelmingly angry that you can’t play it while working out on the elliptical machine, reading, or riding the subway.   It’s almost like the guitar parts negate it from being too melodramatic or hateful– it’s almost like Jackson is daring this chick to tell him that she’s breaking up with him or whatever, when this song, and implicity he, is obviously pretty awesome.


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