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A certain podcast has come to my attention.  I am probably the least sports-oriented person on the face of the planet, and yet I still find Da Burghcast with Herb & Buxy hilarious.  It’s kinda similar to that “Da Bears” sketch on old SNL, but obviously, about the Steelers, and Buxy & Herb are truly their own unique beings– so really, it’s nothing like “Da Bears” at all except that they talk about sports.  I don’t get all the references, given that I don’t watch football now nor have I ever, but for reals, this shit had me laughing out loud on the train, at the gym, and at work. 

Here are a couple of relevant episodes to the Super Bowl (rightclick to save): Episode 217 and 218.  You can subscribe to their podcast if you search “burghcast” on itunes, or download any episode you want. 



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  1. thanks for the shout out okay well bye!

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