Song I’m Obsessed With: “Gila” Beach House

Posted by: Stella Glassbeachhouse_devotion

I am posting this on the BOLT! Bus to Boston right now. A very nice coach liner that boasts Wi-Fi.  I pictured myself tapping away on my laptop in the seat as New England whizzed by, but it turns out that while seat-back outlets were in the budget, tray-tables were not, so I’m typing this with my laptop perched precariously on my lap as we rumble and bump our way up the  Henry Hudson Parkway.

I first heard this album in the fall; late in the game with all of the press this band was receiving.  The entire album is fantastic but this song, in particular, I love. Perhaps in part because the chorus of “Giiiiila-ha-ha” evokes a specific memory.  When I was two years old and my mom was pregnant with my sister I was crazy excited for the baby to be born. I was constantly “talking” to her through my mom’s stomach and randomly decided that the baby’s name would be “Goola”.  I have no idea why, but I called her Goola until she was born when my parents gave her a real name.   As soon as I heard this song for the first time, I immediately sang along, swapping “Gila” for “Goola”. Goola, as a name is somewhat unfortunate and sort of conjures the image of a googly-eyed toothless baby gumming a spoonful of cooked carrots, which could be why it never caught on as a nickname.

The other best part of the song is the instrument that plays a series of descending notes right before the chorus begins.

Happy Friday, people.

“Gila” Beach House


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  1. cocobuchanan

    That is the cutest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.

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