You Tubin’ With Dru Hill

Posted by: Stella Glass

As the trauma of the Bush years give way to (hopefully) better days, I have been reflecting on some of the wonderful musical artistry that the Clinton years brought us.  On this list is of course, R&B supergroup Dru Hill.

This particular video for Never Made A Promise, is significant for a number of reasons:

1. It’s layers are two-fold and complex, featuring the solemnity of a lovers promise set against the very  harsh and somber backdrop of incestuous molestation. This was a “very special” video.

2. It shows one of, if not the most, bored, blase reactions a man has ever had to the announcement that his girlfriend is pregnant in the course of human history. She may as well have been telling him she got a parking ticket or a new recipe for pork chops.

3. It contains the only shower scene in R&B history which is actually sad and not sexy.  (With the  partial exception of “Unbreak My Heart”, since Toni Braxton still looks hot in it)

4. For reasons unexplained, Sisqo has a pet tiger, which, apparently he thought was appropriate to bring to a family barbecue. Granted the crew here has bigger fish to fry, what with Michelle being pregnant and her dad being a perv, but it’s interesting that it didn’t raise even one eyebrow.

5. Yes folks, the star of the video is in fact the same young lady who played Steve Urkel’s girlfriend Myra on Family Matters. Who’s dad in real life was a founding member of Kool and the Gang!

Not-so-fun fact: “Myra” (aka Michelle in this video) died of stomach cancer in 1998.  Drag. It’s a real shame, (aside from the obvious reasons) because not only was Steve Urkel robbed of the only woman who would ever get with him, but Dru Hill broke up shortly after her death, giving Sisqo the opportunity to launch his solo career.  Had Myra lived, perhaps we might all have been spared “The Thong Song”

But seriously, is not the scene where “Jazz” comes in and kicks her perv-dad’s ass kind of hilarious? He basically just falls on him, knocking him to the ground, incapacitated. Or am I an inhuman monster, finding sadistic amusement in one of R&B’s more poignant messages about child abuse? You be the judge!



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3 responses to “You Tubin’ With Dru Hill

  1. cocobuchanan

    I might be an even bigger monster, because that shower scene is FUCKING RIDICULOUS! I mean, the whole thing really is just like “whaaa??”, but that goes without saying. Also, the facial expressions of the main guy are kind of frightening. You’d think he’d be able to muster some of that emotion up for the “I’m pregnant” scene.

  2. boomer

    But can I just say that if my significant other was like: I have a new recipe for porkchops, my reaction would be anything but blase. Also, this made me think of Friend of Mine (but then again I use any excuse to think of Ron Isley).

  3. That tiger was my only tru friend!! Shame on U for makin’ fun.


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