‘Cause You’re Special!

Posted by: Stella Glass19retro2

Yesterday was a weird day. I’ve been feeling good about things lately, life things.  Not stressing too much about the future, living in the moment and just sort of letting it happen.  I’ve been good about writing and doing creative stuff on my own time and that helps get me through the boring reality of my day job and the fact that not many prospective jobs of interest that pay a living wage are showing up on my horizon. Then, yesterday, I logged on to Facebook.

Some days  what you see on Facebook can be a catty, much-needed shot of adrenaline to the ol’ self-esteem.  Like when you find out that someone who rejected you in high-school is living in his mom’s basement, unemployed, or when you can definitively confirm that your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend is a step down cuteness-wise.

Other times, the shit that you see on there can just make you feel, well, shitty.

Yesterday I casually zipped over to the Facebook page of this girl that for no real reason, I historically was competitive with.  It’s for really dumb reasons, and I’m sure it’s not reciprocal. It’s just this thing that I have about her. I wasn’t even aware that she was on Facebook until recently, so I was surprised to see that she had left New York and moved to another city. Usually when New Yorkers learn that people are leaving the city, we hear it almost as an admission of failure.  Like these folks finally realized that they can’t hack it here. Another one bites the dust, but those of us who stay wear it like a badge.

When I saw that this girl had left, I had that reaction for about a minute. But the fact is lately I’ve been thinking about taking a break from NYC too. I’m tired of being broke here, and I’ve been here forever and could use a change.  This girl had moved to the very city that I had been considering.  And she has an awesome job and looks really happy in all her pictures.

So I know it’s bullshit–who knows what anyone’s life is like? Facebook is hardly much to go on. But for whatever reason it just had the effect of making me feel more rutted, stagnant and dissatisfied with my life than I have in a long time. It was this absolutely wretched feeling and I couldn’t shake it all day.

When I checked my email though, something made me smile. Nothing significant or even personal, but  Refinery29’s article on the resurgence of polka dot in street fashion.  Because I am so ahead of my time, I have been telling two certain friends of mine that polka dots are about to make a comeback, for like three years now.  And now it seems like my fashion prophesy is coming true, and there is no better visual poem to this style than the video below.

Okay.There is no video below.  Because Atlantic Records MusicNazis have deleted it from YouTube.  I found it,somewhat ironically, after that Nazi comment, on some German video site. It was really slow and that might not just be my server, but it’s worth the wait.


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2 responses to “‘Cause You’re Special!

  1. cocobuchanan

    A wise man once said Facebook= comparing your insides to other people’s outsides.

  2. Lacroix

    my 10 year old cousin now has the Fresh Prince Fade..totally irrelevant to the post but whateverishly

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