Anytime or Place

Posted By: Stella Glass

Yes.  I am having an exceptional amount of trouble wringing  words from Aunt Helen’s poorly made-up-lips this week. She’s been in the hospital, and every afternoon I try to rouse her, placing a cool cup of water at her parched lips.  She stares at me, eyes glassy,be-ringed fingers grasping at the thin air.  She then elicits a gurgling cry and flops down on her pillow with heavy breath,  feather adorned headband askew. 

She’s been watching a lot of television. Or rather she stares at it, as the programs change, the colors fly and the moments drift past. She has stared at the screen transfixed, silent and watching. Until today.  Today I came in to find her watching BET’s program “Best of Booty”

Helen was sitting staight up in bed, hands clasped on her lap, gazing wild-eyed in rapture at the screen.  Video after video, booty after thick, luscious chocolate booty paraded before her, to her seeming delight.

But it was not until Adina Howard’s inimitable  ode to casual sexin’ came on that Aunt Helen seemed overcome with delight, applauding and gasping until she collapsed on her bed.  Nurses raced in and brought her to the OR.


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  1. boomer

    uh, best song ever?

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