Song I’m Obsessed With This Week: Middle Cyclone by Neko Case

Posted by: Coco Buchanan

OK, so yeah, it’s another Neko Case song.  But I’ve been listening to the new album a lot, ok?  I had stated previously that my favorite at that time was Vengeance Is Sleeping.  And though I still really like it, I’m now switching back & forth from “This Tornado Loves You” and “Middle Cyclone”.   I don’t know what it is with me and tornadoes.  Well, sort of.

Um, how amazing is this cover?

Anyway, I love how Neko’s slower songs are so powerful yet so somber…and have such amazing themes!  It’s a tough balancing act, but she’s perfected it…which is why I’m choosing to share “Middle Cyclone.”  Listen to it here.

So, here are the lyrics for “Middle Cyclone”.  It HAS to be done.  You just can’t excerpt Neko:

Baby, why’m I worried now,
did someone make a fool of me
‘fore I could show ’em how it’s done?
Can’t give up actin’ tough,
it’s all that I’m made of.
Can’t scrape together quite enough
to ride the bus to the outskirts
of the fact that I need love.

There were times that I tried,
one for every glass of water
that I spilled next to the bed,
wretching pennies in a boiling well
in a dream that it once becomes
a foundry of mute and heavy bells.
They shake me deaf and dumb
say, “Someone made a fool of me
‘fore I could show ’em how it’s done.”

It was so clear to me
that it was almost invisible.
I lie across the path waiting,
just for a chance to be a spiderweb
trapped in your lashes.
For that, I would trade you my empire for ashes.
But I choke it back, how much I need love…

That line about “riding the bus to the outskirts of the fact that I need love”…fucking KILLS me every time!  And the “someone made a fool of me..” part is amazing too.  It’s like someone falling in love, making themselves vulnerable and not wanting to admit it, but not really being able to deny it either.  I feel like this is the flip side to “This Tornado Loves You” in a way– as that is about unabashed, unbridled, autonomous and proud love that you can’t control, not that anyone would want to.  “Middle Cyclone”, though, I think is about love you can’t control too, though more of a resignation or sad acknowledgement.  It’s almost like she’s laughing at herself in a sad sort of way.  Or maybe the love she has didn’t unfold into a very ideal situation, and she’s wrestling with that, though she clearly knows that the feeling just won’t be choked back.

Um, yeah, have I mentioned how much I love her theme for this album of forces you cannot tame?


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  1. tonyeatspuppies

    OMG!!!! She has a sword!!!! EEEEKKKK!!!!

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