Song I’m Obsessed With This Week: Daylight by Matt & Kim

Posted By: Coco Buchanan

For all the morose, maudlin crybaby music I’ve been posting lately, I hope this comes as a welcome relief.  However…..get ready for some goddamn whimsy!  Even though one might find “Daylight” and/or Matt & Kim, in general, a little too abrasive in this particular way, I think they are quintessential listening material for spring and summer.

I’m sorry, but, whether you find them annoyingly cute or not, this is a great song.

It makes me think of friends I have, where we can essentially be anywhere (yes, even a dumpster!) and I still have fun with them, laughing and laughing and all into our own little world.  Or, like the simple adventures around the city with friends that you’re more likely to take now that it’s getting warmer.  Or like in the beginning of a relationship right when you start to feel comfortable enough with that person to be your total goofy self, and yet the newness of it is still very exciting.

All of these things are blatantly calling out spring to me.  If you’re still stuck in one or various wintertime-era funks, I think this is just the song to pull you out.


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